Factory Orders

You shouldn't have to settle. Custom order any of our vehicles and get the vehicle you really want!

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Getting Started with Your Custom Factory Order

  • How do I start custom vehicle order process? You can begin the custom order process for your new Dodge, Ram, or Chrysler vehicle online at the E-Shop. Simply click on the Start Your Custom Order button above, complete the vehicle selection process, provide your contact information, and hit submit. Once we receive your request, one of our sales associates will contact you and help you complete your vehicle order including selecting your vehicle's colors, options, and accessories. 
  • Is there any extra charge for a custom-ordered vehicle? No. Vehicle prices are negotiated and agreed upon by the customer and the dealer at the time of ordering.
  • What if programs or incentives get better while my vehicle is being built? Ordering customers will be eligible for qualifying incentives at the time of order placement or qualifying incentives at the time of final delivery, whichever is preferred.
  • Will I be updated while my vehicle is being built? You will be provided with updates as we receive them from the manufacturer on where your vehicle is in the build process and the estimated arrival date. Once your vehicle has arrived at the dealership, we will contact you to confirm its arrival; collect any additional information needed to complete the sale; and schedule a convenient time and location for final delivery to you.
  • How long will it take to have my vehicle built? Each model has a different amount of time associated with the custom build. We will be able to provide you with more specific details on estimated build time once you select a model.